9 Traits of Good Digital Citizens

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Are your students good digital citizens? Do you teach digital citizenship? In today’s world, discussing digital citizenship may be one of the most underrated classroom strategies.

This infographic, from ISTE.org, provides 9 traits of good digital citizens. Who knew that being thrifty was one of those traits?

9 traits of good digital citizens
  1. Advocates for digital access for all
  2. Treats others with respect online
  3. Does not steal digital property
  4. Understands appropriate use
  5. Employs digital learning strategies for independent learning
  6. Protects payment information during online shopping
  7. Honors rights of others in all online forums
  8. Respects all digital citizens’ privacy
  9. Avoids addictive digital behavior

Is there a 10th trait of good digital citizens? Or an 11th? Please share any traits you believe ISTE has omitted in our comment section.

Citizenship in the Digital Age Infographic
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