What’s Your Best School Memory of 2014?

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My best school memory photo credit: Eva Cristescu via photopin cc

As another year concludes, we are inundated with best blog posts, top 12s, and most popular lists. We’re as guilty as any for contributing to the fodder. So, rather than add more of our own ideas to yet another list, we decided to ask Brilliant or Insane readers to create the next list by sharing your best school memory of 2014.

You share your best school memory of the year in our comment section, and we’ll convert the info into a fabulous year-end list post.

So, reflect on 2014 (this is parts of two school years). What is your best school memory? This can be with students, parents, colleagues or even family members. It can be an activity, something a student said or observed, a hilarious faculty meeting moment, a grant you won, or something shocking.

The only guideline is that it must be related to school. Other than this, your best school memory is up to you.

Please join this fun conversation, by contributing your favorite school memory from 2014 in our comment section below.

If you prefer, post your memory to Twitter at #SchoolMemory14.

Help us make 2014 a list of heartrending, humorous, tear-jerking memories of amazing moments related to school. Add your favorite school memory below.

And happy holidays.

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