10 Things That Separate Great Teachers from Good Teachers

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What separates a good teacher from a great teacher?

1 — Good teachers teach the subject matter. Their students do very well on assessments.
2 — Good teachers have high expectations for their students.
Great teachers have high expectations for themselves.
3 — Good teachers are acutely aware of their surroundings. Their classrooms are well-oiled machines.
Great teachers “pick-n-choose” their battles. They recognize that each student should be treated fairly, but not necessarily equally.
4 — Good teachers have students who produce.
Great teachers recognize that they are responsible for what their students produce.
5 — Good teachers reflect.
Great teachers look to their peers, administrators, online, and read books to improve. Most importantly, they look to themselves for answers.
6 — Good teachers seek to improve themselves.
Great teachers push their peers to become better. 
7 — Good teachers provide consistent feedback.
Great teachers possess a growth mindset and constantly praise efforts.
8 — Good teachers arrive to school on time and complete all their duties and obligations.
Great teachers go above and beyond for their students and their school. They never quit and never complain about the hours.
9 — Good teachers are respected by their students.
Great teachers are loved by their students. 
10 — Good teachers know their students.

Great teachers know their students better than they know themselves.

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Reed Gillespie

Reed is a longtime educator and coach, who is passionate about progressive learning and 21st-century assessment practices. Read more of his work here. "I'm a co-moderator of #VAchat, a Twitter conversation for Virginia (and non-Virginian) educators that meets Monday's at 8 ET. Most importantly, I'm a father of four wonderful children and a couple grandchildren. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, reading, sports and, of course, spending time with family."

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