19 Twitter Videos to Help Teachers and Students Connect

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Looking to engage global learners? Want to improve your personal and professional development? The solution to both issues comes in one word: Twitter.

Thanks to the power of Youtube playlists, the 19 Twitter videos embedded at the bottom of this post help teachers engage students, while building powerful Personal Learning Networks.

Twitter in the classroom inspires even the most reluctant learners to interact, and Twitter hashtags can create amazing ongoing conversations both in and out of the classroom.

Like any social network, Twitter can be daunting for beginners, especially students. They wonder what handle to use, how to send a message in so few words, how to construct appropriate hashtags, and they don’t always understand appropriate use. These Twitter videos clear the path to comprehending the vast world of the 140-character microblogging platform.

For a quick look at all 19 videos, click the playlist tab in the upper left corner of the Youtube video below. A dropdown menu with thumbnails of all videos will appear. You can scroll and select each video and view in any order.

Share the Twitter videos with friends, colleagues and students and help build a community of digital learners. Be sure to bookmark this post, as the video library will update each time a new video is added to the playlist.

What you learn about Twitter:

  • getting started on Twitter
  • setting up a profile
  • posting tweets
  • retweeting tweets
  • sharing links to outside content
  • building PLN
  • using hashtags
  • safe Twitter use for students
  • Twitter management tools
  • saving content with Twitter

Teachers and students are global learners. Twitter makes breaking down the barriers of the brick and mortar classroom easy, helping us connect to billions of resources.

Are you using Twitter to connect to teachers and learners around the world? Please share your experiences in our comment section.

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