5 Pages Your Teacher Blog Must Have

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You’ve created (or are thinking about creating) a teacher blog—congrats! This will serve as a valuable tool for both students and parents; that is, if you do it right.

While the main section of the blog can be dedicated to regular updates, pages (navigation at the top of the blog) should be used to provide information that may be valuable all year long like paperwork downloads or FAQs.

Not sure what to include? Start with the five pages every successful teacher blog should have.

The Parent Center

This page can serve a variety of purposes, but its main function is as a method for communicating information to parents. Here are a few things this page could include:

  • FAQ: Answer common parent questions, like the best time to reach you, major projects students can expect throughout the year, etc.
  • Classroom rules
  • Calendar of planned field trips
  • School holidays
  • Reminders: Birthdays, holiday celebrations, upcoming fundraisers 


Paperwork doesn’t always make it home to parents, and emailing permission slips or e-newsletters can become tedious. Create all your documents in Google Docs or Google Forms and share a link to it on this page. Parents can download and print anything they may not get from their forgetful children.

Classroom Photos

Parents may hear about their child’s day, but seeing them do the work is much more rewarding. Use this page to share the goings-on of your classroom. If you don’t want to dedicate an entire page to classroom photos, no worries. You can use this wordpress plugin to display a feed of your most recent classroom Instagram photos in the sidebar.

Student Work

Sure, it’s a teacher blog, but the student work page is beneficial in several ways: Parents can check in and see what their child has been working on anytime, anywhere and students can show off their work. “One of my favorite pages on my teacher blog is the student spotlight page, where I share information and artifacts from any digital projects my students complete. This gives them a sense of purpose when I publish their work, while allowing parents and other educators to see a project in all the stages of completion,” said Nicole Long, secondary language arts teacher.


This page is a chance to set the communication boundaries—don’t suggest a means of communication that doesn’t work for you or that will be difficult for you to manage. If email is the best way for parents to get in touch with you outside of the school day, say so. Use this page to display your teacher or classroom social media accounts as well.

Your teacher blog can be a valuable tool in connecting students, parents and the classroom in one place. Use your blog pages as a way to share important information with parents, display student work and much more.

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Jessica Sanders is the Director of Social Outreach for Learn2Earn. She grew up reading books like The Giver and Holes, and is passionate about making reading as exciting for young kids today as it has always been for her. Follow Learn2Earn on Twitter and Facebook, and send content inquiries to social@learn2earn.org.

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