4 eLearning Trends Every Educator Must Know

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4 Trends eLearning Trends Every Educator Must Know

by Deloris Rivera

The wise Peter Drucker once said, “The future of learning is outside the conventional mode of education, i.e. outside brick and mortar educational institutes. Distance learning is coming on fast.” He said this 16 years ago and, considering today’s eLearning trends, it seems he was absolutely right.

Nearly every day new eLearning trends crop up, along with supporting technology, and today’s educator must keep up.

4 eLearning Trends

1-Massively Open Online Courses (MOOC)

In today’s fast paced world, a large number of universities have implemented the concept of flexible online education, which is delivered through online videos in interactive environments. A MOOC provides this environment for all learners, looking for alternatives to the traditional classroom. The MOOC empowers learners to build their own path the the knowledge they seek.

2-Micro Learning

This is a new eLearning trend gaining traction in the corporate world. Micro learning is about providing mini bytes of content that include short videos, one page documents, focused topics, and other small bits of information, which may be perfect for a busy working adult or a student with an attention deficit. Micro learning is best suited for handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets, which may assist learners with accessing content on social networks and chatrooms, either in a classroom or on the go.

3-Open Educational Resources (open source)

Open source content changes the role of the educator. Open educational resources include free documents and media, shared with tools like SlideShare and Wikispaces, among others. These platforms allow teachers and learners to not only locate content from experts in various subjects but also to annotate existing material and to add their own content. Open source is a rapidly growing eLearning trend that is opening up new worlds for students both in and out of the classroom.

4-Distance Learning

A virtual learning environment eliminates the need for students to travel from one building to another or even one country to another, as the highest standard of education is provided online by educators around the world from top colleges and high schools; in fact, many elementary and middle schools are now creating their own distance learning programs, using platforms like Skype and Google Hangouts to tear down the barriers that brick and mortar schools create.

The future of digital education is bright, as evidenced by the latest eLearning trends and by the advent of the advance technologies that support them. As the demand for flexible learning increases, universities, colleges and schools, like National High School, are consistently updating their online education structure.

They are incorporating eLearning trends, utilizing better resources as well as integrating the latest technologies to assist students in achieving their academic goals easily. Today’s educator must understand and share these trends widely to present a hassle-free education to all learners.

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Mark Barnes is the Founder of Times 10 Publications, which produces the popular Hack Learning Series, The uNseries, and other books from some of education's most reputable teachers and leaders. Barnes presents internationally on assessment, connected education, and Hack Learning. Connect with @markbarnes19 on Twitter.

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