Is Twitter Video Education’s Coolest New Tool?

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Twitter video

Okay, I’ll admit it: I love Twitter. “What is the one web or mobile tool you recommend to teachers?” an interviewer recently asked. There’s still nothing quite like Twitter, I responded.

And the microblogging social network just got better, with the new mobile Twitter video feature. Expanding on the popular 6-second video network, Vine, Twitter video is built into the Android and iOS Twitter application, meaning you can easily record up to 30 seconds of video and it automatically embeds in your Tweet (See sample below).

Best of all, the Twitter video feature is unbelievably easy to use. Click the camera/photo icon from inside of a tweet. Click the video option, aim, and hold down the record button for up to 30 seconds. You can even break up your video into multiple short segments, and Twitter will produce it into one seamless 30-second movie. Awesome!

Trends in social media come and go, and when I first heard of the Twitter video feature, I thought it might be nothing more than a passing fad. When I tried the feature, though, I found myself wondering if Twitter video might be education’s coolest new tool, as ideas for its use both in and out of the classroom poured in.

Ideas for Twitter video in education

  1. Feedback for learning. Like Voxer, Twitter video could be used for teacher feedback to individuals with Twitter accounts. Obviously, this idea might be best used in middle or high schools. Students love Twitter, and what better way to inspire them to listen to teacher feedback than on one of their favorite social networks?
  2. Brief oral presentations. This one could work for any grade. If a teacher creates a class Twitter account and gives the login info to students (I’ve seen this done with first graders), they could share 30-second oral presentations–a great way to eliminate stage fright.
  3. 30-second instruction. The old-school lecture has gone the way of dial-up Internet. Talk for more than a few minutes, and students will tune out. Give them 30-second bites of instruction on Twitter, though, and they’ll likely be mesmerized.
  4. Create a digital portfolio of teaching and learning. With Twitters tweet embed feature, you can add your video tweets to a blog or class website for posterity.
  5. Digitize school announcements. Turn off the boring old audio system in your school and ask students and staff to view morning announcements on a school Twitter hashtag, featuring video announcements in 30-second increments.

These are a few quickly-brainstormed ideas. Let your imagination run wild and tell us other fun and educational ways to use Twitter video.

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