Let’s Not Meet Standards

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Let’s do a little bit more a little bit better than those who are making big messes might.

We can do this, you know.

We can make better choices.

We just have to shift our gaze a bit.

When we fixate on standards, we miss a million miles of critical landscape.

When we fixate on standards, we start to believe that they were created to separate those who can from those who can’t or won’t.

When we fixate on standards, we fail to differentiate instruction and intervene effectively.

When we fixate standards, we test and grade and perseverate on the gap.

It’s not about the standard, the test, the grade, or the gap.

It’s not about ditching standards either.

Embracing common standards and using them in healthy ways has nothing to do with standardization. We can reject all of the crazy awful things that some people are doing as we help kids pursue high standards.

They can’t get there if we fixate, though.

So let’s not meet standards.

Let’s meet learners where they are.

Let’s help them meet themselves as well.

We can do this, despite what anyone might suggest.

But it’s really up to us.

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A former English teacher, Angela Stockman is the founder of the WNY Young Writer's Studio, a community of writers and teachers of writing in Buffalo, New York. She is also an education consultant with expertise in curriculum design, instructional coaching, and assessment. Read more from Angela at Angelastockman.com.

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