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Thank you for sharing quality ideas for reflecting during a lesson, as a strategy for developing a growth mindset. I was in a recent workshop with Sarah Brown Wessling, and she had us reflect on some Teaching Channel Videos by asking the very questions you have in #5: “What am I doing that’s helping you learn? What am I doing that’s interfering with your ability to learn?” While Sarah’s workshop had educators looking at teacher moves, and student learning, I hadn’t thought about posing those very same questions to students. Thanks for this idea!

I also like using some of the ideas from Making Thinking Visible to help students (and educators) reflect on their learning.

Kind regards,
Tracy Watanabe

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By: Wendy King Mon, 30 Mar 2015 17:17:21 +0000 Thank-you for the insightful thinking. I am convinced about the importance of a growth mindset and yet how do we “teach” it? We don’t – we, as you say, “awaken” it. These are excellent questions and I am going to do some further thinking on this myself.