7 Ways to AutoRap: The App That Turns Speech into a Fresh New Beat

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This week, my husband stumbled upon an app that turns audio recorded speech into rap music. Then, he went about the business of sharing it with my teenage daughters, who have taken to recording me without my knowledge. I was last victimized this evening, when they flipped a conversation I was having with a colleague about the standardized testing mess into a fresh new beat.

I may have been yelling a bit during my conversation, which clearly made their efforts that much more worthwhile. They think this is hilarious. So, I’m outing them here and promising to record the next argument they have over whose turn it is to clean the litter boxes.

It is most definitely not hilarious to have a phone conversation about a very serious education related matter turned into a silly little rap song.

I’ll admit that perhaps my eyes teared up a bit when they played the song back to me and that maybe, after this completely insane string of weeks I’ve endured I needed that bit of laughter the same way I need oxygen most days. But, still: NOT AT ALL APPROPRIATE.

And that’s why you should really look into sharing AutoRap by Smule with your students. If you do, I promise that all of you will be laughing through your learning from now until the end of the school year. You’ll probably remember the lyrics long after, too.

I apologize in advance.

Here’s How AutoRap Works:

Speak into your device, press stop, and let AutoRap do the rest. The “rappification” software edits and mixes your vocals, matching them to your chosen beat and pushing out an impressive finished product that can be saved to their database and shared with others. It works with any human speech, regardless of language, too.

Want to play? My kids started by speaking famous speeches into the app. It took all of thirty seconds for them to get comfortable, and within minutes, they were cooking up all kinds of ways to make me crazy.

I’m sure that you and your students can put AutoRap to far better use, though. Here’s what I’ve been thinking.

7 Ways for Students to AutoRap Their Learning

  1. Create songs that reflect critical content in any area and use them for review or to teach others.
  2. Rap any evidence-based claim.
  3. AutoRap original poems or works of others, read aloud.
  4. Ask story readers or writers to rap in character.
  5. Rap a lab or any other procedure.
  6. AutoRap reflections and checks for understanding.
  7. Let kids create an AutoRap in order to provide you feedback.

And don’t forget to rap back.

I think everyone is more than ready for a bit of fun now.

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