21 Qualities for Your Leadership Scorecard

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Good leaders want to improve. Great leaders have a Leadership Scorecard, and they check off the boxes on it every day.

Frank Sonnenburg, small business expert and author of Follow Your Conscience, lists 21 qualities that great leaders, or people aspiring to be outstanding leaders, should have

While, at first glance, these qualities may seem obvious, many are overlooked by school principals, superintendents, and others in leadership positions in schools and communities.

In fact, teachers, too, should maintain a Leadership Scorecard, since they are looked upon as the consummate leaders by our children and throughout their communities.

Check your scorecard today and decide which areas you may need to improve.

21 qualities for your Leadership Scorecard

  1. straightforward and transparent
  2. knowledgeable and experienced
  3. honest and trustworthy
  4. consistent and dependable
  5. ethical and principled
  6. confident and optimistic
  7. authentic
  8. insightful
  9. focused
  10. discerning
  11. passionate
  12. determined
  13. empathetic and selfless
  14. realistic
  15. decisive and action-oriented
  16. flexible
  17. humble
  18. accountable
  19. courageous
  20. fair and open-minded
  21. hardworking

Let us know if you have any qualities on your scorecard that we’ve overlooked.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about leadership, check out Frank Sonnenberg’s blog and other resources.

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