52 Ways to Make a Colleague’s Day: The Teach Kindness Project

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Click this pic to get your free copy now
Click this pic to get your free copy now

We are proud to share Brilliant or Insane senior writer Angela Stockman’s new book, The Teach Kindness Project, with you today.

The Teach Kindness Project: 52 Ways to Make a Colleague’s Day is available now for free. Stockman has thrilled hundreds of thousands of B or I readers with her inspirational articles, and many have been eagerly anticipating her new book, which is certain to launch a powerful movement in schools and in the work place.

You can download The Teach Kindness Project to any mobile device. Just click the book cover above or this link, and you’ll have The Teach Kindness Project in your hands in seconds.

Here is an excerpt from Angela Stockman’s game-changing new book.

Five Ways to Kick-Start a Teach Kindness Project

Experiences have taught me what doesn’t work. Specifically: character and kindness initiatives that trickle from the top of a system down every time a new vendor pushes out a slick set of resources, bullying prevention programs that fizzle into a set of weak mandates on the heels of a legitimately inspiring all-school assembly, and token systems that reward the kids who are noticed for being kind.

Have you ever noticed how the more outgoing kids who put their kindness on display are rewarded for it, while those who are shy, introverted, or merely discrete about their efforts often are not?

None of these things create or sustain the kind of change we’re seeking.

Maybe instead of an initiative, what we really need is a movement like no other. Something simple, authentically inspired, and intrinsically rewarding. Something that requires us to change our approach a bit. Something that challenges us to consider these five factors:

1-Just Right Timing

When are the people you hope to inspire most in need of kindness? This may be a hard question to answer, so begin by reflecting on how your year together typically unfolds. As seasons change, consider the challenges brought by each. Where are the greatest pressure points? Be sensitive to this, and plan to launch your kindness movement when people will appreciate it most. Teachers might begin during standardized testing season. Kindness movements could carry accountants through tax season. College students might start one in the weeks preceding final exams. My daughter began a kindness project to cope with the loss of her grandfather during our first Christmas without him. Her readers cheered her tiny efforts to make a difference, and knowing that others were inspired by her acts of kindness kept her dedicated over time.

Learn all 52 strategies: Get Angela’s free book now

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