6 Ways to Turn Students into Lifelong Readers

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Today’s students don’t read. Teachers and policymakers hear this almost everyday. Many shrug and say, “they’re too distracted by electronic devices to read.” Still, we must turn students into lifelong readers.

This infographic from Chronicle Books shares 6 ways to encourage reading, 5 reading apps and other valuable information about the benefits of reading.

6 ways to empower lifelong readers

  1. Read daily: Reading is not a just-at-home activity any longer. Teachers must spend class time reading every day.
  2. Journal writing: Ask students to journal on their favorite topics and on the books they read.
  3. Teach vocabulary: Help students learn no less than one new word daily. Vocabulary is one of the lifelong readers’ most important tools.
  4. Read different genres: While it’s critical that students choose what they read, teach them all genres and encourage them to explore.
  5. Read non-fiction: Use blogs and social media. They love it, and technology will turn students into lifelong readers.
  6. Give kids books: There’s no greater present than a book. Give students books to keep, and they will read them.

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Teaching Children the Value of Reading Infographic
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