6 Keys to the Flipped Classroom

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Have you considered creating a flipped classroom? No, this doesn’t mean turning your room upside down. The flipped classroom is about implementing 21st-century digital learning strategies and engaging learners outside of the classroom.

Using a flipped classroom strategy engages the iStudent, and whether you realize it or not, your classroom is filled with iStudents. These are students who come prepared to use mobile devices, social media and video for learning. Oh, and when they leave, they’re even more ready for flipped learning.

Of course planning (the first key) is essential to a successful flipped classroom. Key number 2, though, is one many teachers don’t understand–creating a video screencast. The Internet is filled with simple screencasting tools, and there’s no better solution for the flipped classroom than creating narrated video clips that replace lecture.

Your students will engage with your instruction readily, if you put it in an interactive video. Wouldn’t it be great to have a fully-engaged audience?

This infographic provides 6 keys to the flipped classroom. If you want students to learn at home, consider enhancing your flipped classroom today.

Also, if you like the concept of flipped learning, but fear your students won’t engage with video lessons at home, you might consider the “in-class flip,” featured in Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every school (free on Amazon Kindle today, August 9, only)

6 Steps to Flipping A Classroom Infographic
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Today is the perfect time to learn about flipping your instruction and other ways to improve education at your school.

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