5 Amazing Tips for New Teachers

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This infographic puts a little different spin on our 4 Lessons New Teachers Never Learned. . . blog post. Still, we see valuable connective tissue between our post and these 5 Effective Tips for New Teachers.

Here are some tips within the tips. The infographic suggests that new teachers learn from colleagues. This is sound advice, as long as you find someone who is not anchored to outdated teaching methods. Find a progressive-minded teacher and stick to her.

Tip 5 is about classroom management. Like the tip suggests, a new teacher will go far if she keeps problems in her room and deals with them head on. Create a community of independent learners that is built on mutual respect. Check your ego at the door, and you’ll do well.

If you have your own great tips for new teachers–not featured here–please share it in our comment section below.

5 Tips for New Teachers Infographic
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