5 Ways to Accelerate your Digital Curriculum

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If you have computers in your classroom, periodically use laptops or tablets or, better still, teach in a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment, you have a digital curriculum. You may not refer to your lessons and activities as a digital curriculum, but using technology for teaching and learning means you are going digital.

As this infograpic, by SoftChalk Cloud, suggests, rolling out the mobile laptop cart or inviting students to grab their smartphones doesn’t automatically lead to learning. A digital curriculum must have more than just objectives and hardware; it requires a clear strategy.

You may be acknowledging the existence of your own digital curriculum and asking yourself, Do I just have technology, or do I have students learning with technology?

It’s okay if you’re not sure right now; just make certain that you have a plan when you return to your classroom tomorrow. The infographic below is a good place to begin.

5 tips to accelerate your digital curriculum

Tips on Accelerating a Digital Curriculum in Your School Infographic
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If your students have been using technology only to write essays and take quizzes, your digital curriculum may need a facelift.

The infographic above is a launchpad for discussion. What else do you need? Share how you use technology in our comment section. Ask a few questions. Let’s help each other make teaching and learning better.

Meanwhile, check out our Technology Archive for more strategies.

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