5 Scary Things You Don’t Know About School Dropouts

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School districts love to tout increasing graduation rates. This good news often shields the public from the staggering facts and statistics about school dropouts.

This infographic provides shocking details about the impact school dropouts have on the world. We underscore 5 scary things you don’t know, but the infographic sheds more light on a crisis that seems to be overlooked by many education shareholders.

5 Scary Things About School Dropouts
  1. 7,000 students drop out of school every single day. That’s more than 1 million yearly.
  2. School dropouts are qualified for only about 10 percent of all jobs.
  3. School dropouts cost the economy more than 150 billion dollars. This unfathomable hit comes from school dropouts’ lost wages, taxes and productivity over a lifetime.
  4. A whopping 87 percent of school dropouts have experienced homelessness at some point of their lives.
  5. 79 percent of school dropouts have a parent who has been incarcerated at some time during the school dropouts’ lives.

2014 Dropout Crisis by the Numbers Infographic
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Please share your thoughts on the crisis of school dropouts and any suggestions you have to solve this incredible problem.

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