11 Ridiculously Easy Classroom Cleaning Hacks

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11 Classroom cleaning hacks

You spend lots of time before school even starts making sure that your classroom is in great order—supplies away, surfaces sparkling, shelves and cubbies totally organized.

And then the students arrive. It doesn’t take too many days and too many students for that well-planned order to disintegrate—especially when you tend to the daily work of teaching students.

That’s why simple classroom cleaning hacks—some of them appropriate for student help—can go a long way toward making sure that your classroom still retains a glimmer of that first-day order.

For starters, disinfecting wipes are a handy tool. They’re great to get the grime off of whiteboards, and can actually be used by students to wipe down desks (good for chucking out germs and reducing the spread of bacteria, too). And students can also use microfiber cloths or little pieces of felt to eliminate fingerprints on oft-used smart devices.

Natural fragrances such as lemon oil help to reduce any odors—think trash can. Those counting blocks and math manipulatives? Have students dump them into a laundry bag and then you can run them through the dishwasher.

There are some great insider tricks that seem odd but really work in a classroom. A cola-drenched rag, for example, can help keep chalkboard dust from floating and flitting to every surface in your room. Even permanent marker stains on a whiteboard don’t stand a chance thanks to a simple fix: Write over the stain with a dry erase marker, then use a clean rag to remove the whole thing.

Want more ideas for keeping your classroom as close to that first-day sparkle as possible? Try the cleaning hacks in the infographic below.

11 Ridiculously Easy Classroom Cleaning Hacks

Scrub Down and Wipe Clean: Indispensable Classroom Cleaning Hacks

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