Mission-Minded Learning Makes the World a Better Place

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Shelly Sanchez Terrell, international education technology presenter and author of Hacking Digital Learning Strategies, is taking education technology integration to new heights with her unique EdTech Missions and revolutionary mission-minded learning.

In Episode 102 of the Hack Learning Podcast (above), Shelly explains how Mission Learning makes kids and their world better, and how teachers can launch EdTech Missions immediately with 27 ready-to-use resources in her Mission Toolkit, housed inside the book.

Shelly Terrell, though, is much more than someone looking to sell books. She is one of the world’s foremost education technology integration specialists, presenting best practices in EdTech in over 26 countries. She is also a Bammy Award winner, co-creator of #EdChat on Twitter, and the National Association of Professional Women’s 2015 Woman of the Year.

When Shelly Sanchez Terrell talks about improving education technology, teachers, school leaders, and parents perk up.

Shelly explains mission-minded learning …

“While writing about Mission Learning–an amazing way to integrate lifelong technology skills into any classroom–I wanted more than just a how-to book. I wanted to give teachers a blueprint and resources that they can use immediately to launch EdTech Missions in any class.

“We want you to copy the Toolkit resources. Distribute them in your class, so you can instill mission-minded learning in all kids immediately.” — Shelly Sanchez Terrell

By Shelly Sanchez Terrell

“Teaching is hard enough, and you don’t need to spend additional hours creating assets for students, if it’s not absolutely necessary.

“This is why the Mission Toolkit inside Hacking Digital Learning Strategies is so important. It gives teachers the resources they need to create mission-minded learning today!

“Best of all, EdTech Missions help kids become better social learners, which makes the world a better place.”

The Mission Toolkit Puts EdTech Missions in Students’ Hands

The 38-page Mission Toolkit is a FREE addition to Hacking Digital Learning Strategies. It comes with:

  • mission examples
  • student surveys
  • pre-reading activities
  • pretests
  • email templates
  • Mission Cards
  • discussion starters
  • blank activity templates
  • Badges, and much more

While most authors and publishers frown upon readers photocopying their materials, according to Shelly Terrell, “We want you to copy the Toolkit resources. Distribute them in your class, so you can instill mission-minded learning in all kids immediately.”

Here’s some of what’s inside the Shelly Terrell’s powerful Mission Toolkit that comes as a free, additional resource inside Hacking Digital Learning Strategies.


“People are raving about Hacking Digital Learning Strategies, and I couldn’t be happier–especially considering that what they love most is the FREE Mission Toolkit, inside the book. This resource helps mission-minded learning blast off! — Shelly Sanchez Terrell



You can start using the entire 38-page Mission Toolkit today. Just grab your copy of Hacking Digital Learning Strategies, available now in three formats.

Ask Shelly about it

Want to discuss the EdTech Missions and the Toolkit? Join Shelly Sanchez Terrell Sunday mornings at 10AM ET on Twitter for a live chat about digital learning strategies at #EdTechMissions. Also, join the video chat on Shelly’s Flipgrid here.

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