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We live in the digital age, and we teach iStudents–kids who come to class ready to use 21st century learning technology daily.

Students don’t want to leave their mobile devices at home or in their lockers. They want to play games, watch videos and communicate on social media. Today’s teacher must understand the remarkable tools at their fingertips, and this is a perfect place to begin.

6 posts to help educators understand 21st century learning technology
  1. 11 Powerful Online Learning Tips: This infographic is an excellent starting point to help teachers learn how to integrate technology into the classroom.
  2. Are You a Connected Educator: Global learners must be connected. That is, they should use social media, blogs and content curation strategies to engage teachers and students across classroom boundaries. This post helps you learn more about connecting.
  3. Teaching With Today’s Education Technology: Smartphones and tablets are dominating today’s classroom. This article provides an in-depth look at how this 21st century learning technology helps teachers make school interactive and fun.
  4. Top 3 Reasons Parents Believe in Mobile Learning: This notion may surprise many educators, but parents believe in mobile learning in the classroom. This powerful infographic, one of may at Brilliant or Insane, demonstrates why parents value mobile devices.
  5. 10 Ways to Use Google Classroom: It was just a matter of time before Google invaded the classroom with it’s amazing suite of tools. Here are 10 ways Google Classroom creates a lively class.
  6. 19 Twitter Videos to Help Teachers and Students Connect: The connected educator uses Twitter; it’s this simple. If you want to break down classroom barriers and put billions of teachers and resources in your hands, Twitter is the place to be. This post contains Twitter how-to videos, all embedded in one place that you can bookmark and visit often.

These six articles provide a solid beginning for any educator who wants to understand 21st century learning technology.

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