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assessing student learning
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Assessing student learning is an education topic that leaves many teachers in a quandary. This is mainly because assessment has typically been viewed by most shareholders as a test. With constant mandates for high stakes testing, policymakers certainly believe this to be true.

However, assessing student learning is much more than asking students to choose A, B, C or D on a multiple choice bubble sheet. In fact, tests reveal very little about learning. Effective teachers are assess daily by creating an ongoing conversation about learning. These educators observe, ask questions, and give students opportunities to demonstrate mastery, without traditional tests.

5 posts to help with assessing student learning
  1. Shoot Your Data and Then Zoom In: See how pictures are worth more than a thousand words, while assessing student learning with photos.
  2. 4 Habits of Highly Effective Assessors: assessing student learning must be habitual. With these four habits, you’ll create an environment that is conducive to ongoing effective assessment of learning.
  3. An Idea Whose Time Has Come: This popular TED talk illustrates the power of a no-grades classroom.
  4. Debriefing Assessment: Assessing student learning means involving students in self-evaluation. This post explains how to debrief the assessment process with students.
  5. Color Coded Feedback: Feedback is the most important part of assessing student learning. Color coding your feedback helps clarify what you want to say to students.

For more great strategies for assessing student learning, visit our Assessment archive.

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