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Brilliant or Insane is one of the most popular education blogs in the world. Blog Advertising and social media campaigns through Brilliant or Insane and Mark Barnes help you share your message with our huge audience of educators, parents, students, technology lovers, and trendsetters.

Our blog posts and social media shares reach millions of people every month. Single tweets from B or I publisher @markbarnes19 reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers every single day.

Check out advertising options below; please contact us here with questions.

B or I Traffic

Brilliant or Insane readers view about a half million pages on our blog every month. Our readership continues to grow exponentially, making B or I your smartest and most cost-effective choice for blog advertising.

Brilliant or Insane readers visit three to four different pages daily–creating high exposure for advertisers, whose ads appear in the menu on every single page on our site. We have individual blog posts that have been read over 100,000 times. Check out our traffic in a one-week period in the graphic below. We receive more than half a million page views monthly and have had single days with nearly 70,000 pages read!

traffic 7 days Brilliant or Insane
More than 20,000 daily page views

Please contact us here for blog advertising and social media campaign pricing options and other questions.

B or I Advertising Programs

Social network campaign (the best online advertising value anywhere)

Our Tweets and your content reach millions of Twitter timelines (see image below). This has quickly become our top promotion.

top tweet click @markbarnes19
The power of a single tweet from @markbarnes19

A few tweets from B or I publisher Mark Barnes (one of Twitter’s biggest influencers) can bring thousands of targeted customers to your product site, Amazon page, social network, or blog. Best of all, you’ll see instant traffic!

The Gold Standard of Online Advertising

Mark’s tweeted web links are clicked by interested readers thousands of times weekly. Web link, or URL, clicks are the Gold Standard of advertising. When people click to your site, they become very hot prospects.

Just one tweet from @markbarnes19 might turn into dozens of sales for you. The graphic at the top of the page illustrates the power of our tweets. In one month, readers clicked Mark’s tweet links nearly 19,000 times. Imagine what 10 Tweets from @markbarnes19 might do for you!

Submission: Email us what you’d like to share on social media. Your tweeted links can be live within 24 hours.

Top banner ad

Placement: Below our title and above all blog posts: Gigantic exposure!

Dimensions: 928×90

Links: Directly back to your site

Submission: Email us your properly-sized, linked, formatted HTML file. We’ll invoice you.

Right menu top ad 

Placement: Top right below “Follow Mark Barnes” buttons

Dimensions: 300px by 250px

Links: Directly back to your site

Submission: Email us your properly-sized, linked, formatted HTML file. We’ll invoice you.

Right menu middle

Placement: Middle right below email subscription

Dimensions: 300px by 250px

Links: Directly back to your site

Submission: Email us your properly-sized, linked, formatted HTML file. We’ll invoice you.


Payment for all blog advertising on Brilliant or Insane is via Paypal. We will invoice you with a “Pay Now” button.

Become a Lifetime Partner

Brilliant or Insane lifetime partners pay a one-time fee and receive advertising benefits forever (ask us about this)

Start today

Please contact us here for pricing options and other questions. 

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Mark Barnes is the Founder of Times 10 Publications, which produces the popular Hack Learning Series, The uNseries, and other books from some of education's most reputable teachers and leaders. Barnes presents internationally on assessment, connected education, and Hack Learning. Connect with @markbarnes19 on Twitter.