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Common Core State Standards
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The Common Core in education. This is one of the scariest phrases to hit the profession in a long time.

Teachers are being inundated with new methods and test preparation strategies. Many contend that they can’t use solid student-centered learning practices, because they are handcuffed by the CCSS.

We are here to arm educators with knowledge they should have to combat administrators, colleagues or parents who attempt to force them to change how they teach, based on the mythology of CCSS.

5 enlightening posts about the Common Core in education
  1. 3 Horrifying Facts about the Common Core in Education: When people praise the Common Core as a wonderful fix for a broken system, guide them to this post, which unravels the mythology behind the Core.
  2. 5 Reasons the Common Core Destroys Education: People love lists. This powerful top 5 list illuminates just why the Common Core in education is devastating to teachers and students.
  3. Why Teaching New Teachers the Common Core is a Bad Idea: Perpetuating the mythology of the Common Core begins with pre-service education. This article illustrates what’s wrong with teaching new teachers about the Common Core.
  4. The Not-So-Common Common Core: It’s all about standardization, which CCSS proponents believe is a good thing. Not only does standardizing education inhibit the learning experience, as this blog post states, the Common Core is actually not very common at all.
  5. More Trouble for Pearson and Common Core Tests: It didn’t take long for publishing giant Pearson to jump on the high stakes testing bandwagon. After all, there’s money in it, and Pearson goes where the money is. This post explains how various issues may cause trouble for Pearson and for the Common Core tests.

Want more ammunition to help you debate proponents of the Common Core in education? Visit our Common Core archive.

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