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mark Barnes

Mark Barnes

Mark Barnes is a veteran teacher and writer and the publisher of Brilliant or Insane. He is the author of five education books, including Role Reversal and The 5-Minute Teacher (ASCD 2013), two books in Corwin’s Connected Educators Series, and one of Amazon’s most popular education books,  Assessment 3.0: Throw Out Your Grade Book and Inspire Learning (Corwin, 2015). Mark is co-author of the forthcoming book, Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School (Times 10, 2015) and editor of the Hack Learning Series.


Angela Stockman,

Angela Stockman

Angela Stockman is a former English teacher and senior writer at Brilliant or Insane. Angela is the founder of the WNY Young Writer’s Studio, a community of writers and teachers of writing in Buffalo, New York. She is also an education consultant with expertise in curriculum design, instructional coaching, and assessment. In just a few months, Angela has acquired a huge audience of loyal readers here at B or I.  Learn more about her at

gerald aungst

Gerald Aungst

Gerald Aungst has more than 20 years experience as a professional educator, specializing in digital technology, mathematics, and gifted education. In his various roles as a classroom teacher, gifted support specialist, administrator, curriculum designer, and professional developer, he has worked to create a rich and vibrant learning culture. He is also passionate about improving learning opportunities for all students. Gerald is a founder of and


reed gillespie

Reed Gillespie

Reed Gillespie is a longtime educator and coach, who is passionate about progressive learning and 21st-century assessment practices.

“I’m a co-moderator of #VAchat, a Twitter conversation for Virginia (and non-Virginian) educators that meets Monday’s at 8 ET. Most importantly, I’m a husband and father of four wonderful children and a grandchild. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, reading, sports and, of course, spending time with family.”


forrie miller

Forrie Miller


Brilliant or Insane contributor Forrest Miller is a writer and an educator, specializing in ESL. He is from Oregon, currently living and teaching in China. Forrest writes on progressive, hands-on learning practices and technology trends.



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Mark Barnes is the author of many education books, including Bestseller Hacking Education, part of his Hack Learning Series, books that solve big problems with simple ideas. Barnes presents internationally on assessment, connected education, and student-centered learning. Join more than 100,000 interested educators who follow @markbarnes19 on Twitter.